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Natural Superiority of Mules

Natural Superiority of Mules
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It all starts at birth: Baby mules are just a bit more precocious than other equine creatures. Of course, the most obvious physical advantage of the mule is those magnificent ears! The Natural Superiority of Mules is a collection of essays, articles, and stories in celebration of all the unique qualities of these remarkable hybrids. Full-color photographs accompanying the articles illustrate the grace, strength, agility, and especially, the lovely long ears of these fantastic and fascinating creatures.

Sections include chapters on mule genetics and biology, mule training, mule history, and mule recreational activities. The book concludes with personal stories about the mules we love by the people who love them.

Contributors include:

* Robert M. Miller, DVM * Bill Loftus * Meredith Hodges * Loyd W. Hawley * Molly Chandezi * Jody Foss * Garry McClintock * Betty Robinson * Janet Lowe * and many more.

Mule lovers will be enchanted--and horse lovers just may be converted--by these tales of the stamina, intelligence, loyalty, and common sense displayed by the average mule.

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