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Horse Conformation

Horse Conformation
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Price: $24.95
Product ID : 1-59228-487-6
Manufacturer: Globe Pequot
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The most comprehensive guide to the horse’s body - inside and out - ever published. In athletics as in architecture, form follows function, and nowhere is that truth more important than in equestrian sports. The better a horse’s conformation (how the animal measures up, or “conforms,” to the ideal standards of its breed or type), the better it will be able to perform. Using hundreds of photographs and drawings, this masterfully produced book will show you how to develop the “eye” that any horseman needs to assess equine conformation and anatomy. Its comprehensive text focuses on: Ideal and abnormal conformation features, Balance and symmetry, The relationship between conformation faults and athletic ability, Colors and markings, Anatomical elements, teeth, and aging, Digestive, neurological, respiratory, and circulatory systems, The relationship between structure and function, Now in paperback, Horse Conformation is the single most valuable book on its subject and one that deserves a prominent place in every horse owner’s or rider’s library.

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