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Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses

Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses
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Manufacturer: Western Horseman
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Described as a horseman, raconteur, philosopher, entertainer and educator, Pat Parelli is truly a renaissance man in the universe of horses. "What I teach is so old, it's new," he says. But more importantly, he's brought a systematic, intelligent and savvy way to be with horses to people around the globe. Some of his knowledge and expertise has come easily, some with a high cost. So, who exactly is Pat Parelli and what drives the man who's become known as the world's foremost proponent of natural horsemanship? Indeed, most people don't realize that he and his wife, Linda, coined this descriptive term used in headlines worldwide. He's the one person who has developed a methodical natural horsemanship program, and over the last 25 years, Pat's mission in life has been to help natural horsemanship evolve from a back-yard phenomenon to a mainstream movement. Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses chronicles the first 50 years of Pat Parelli's life. From a kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area suburbs watching television Westerns to a young bronc rider, and from a typical horse trainer trying to make a living to an internationally renowned figure who has helped hundreds of thousands of people develop a partnership with horses, Pat Parelli has made a long and rewarding journey. In his book, Pat describes the early experiences that shaped his life and reverently talks about the mentors who've influenced his thinking and helped him become a horseman. He details the struggles he's had to overcome on the long road to success, and explains how he created an unparalleled program to help other people accomplish their goals with horses. Along the way, he fondly portrays the special horses who've helped him grow into the extraordinary horseman he has become. Also, the reader gets a glimpse into the future with Pat's vision of where he thinks horsemanship is headed. Pat is famous for his riveting way of making a point through the moral of a story. This book contains hundreds of Pat Parelli stories, from his earliest remembrances to the fabulous experiences and opportunities he has enjoyed in the last decade. As a bonus filtered throughout the chapters, readers are treated to People's Perspectives on Pat - anecdotes in which Pat's many friends, all well-known and respected in their fields, tell stories about him. Pat Parelli has been able to break through the discipline barrier and touch every aspect of the horse world - English, western, racing, all breeds and activities. It's been his passion to share his hard-learned knowledge with everyone who seeks excellence with horses. His dream and life's work unfold on the pages of this book.

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