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Cowboys & Buckaroos

Cowboys & Buckaroos
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Price: $21.95
Product ID : 0-911647-67-8
Manufacturer: Western Horseman
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The cowboy has been a subject of fascination for over a century, yet few people truly understand the nature of his work. Cowboys & Buckaroos explains in great detail the trade secrets and working lifestyle of this North American icon in a way that appeals to everyone. Learn about starting colts using cowboy and buckaroo methods, riding feedlot pens, roping cattle and making long-circles in rough terrain. Follow the cowboy crew as they guide their cattle through the four seasons, each one with its own distinct challenges. Over 250 photographs document authentic working cowboys as they perform their daily tasks on million-acre mountain and desert ranches, in huge feedyards out on the Great Plains and on family ranching operations scattered from Texas to British Columbia. Cowboy culture doesn't discriminate against any person possessing enough tenacity to saddle up, even if only for the weekend. The author left the city at age 17 and spent over 20 years working on large commercial ranch and feedyard operations across the West. Excerpts from the author's journal offer candid, firsthand accounts of his struggle to achieve the skills necessary for him to earn inclusion into the cowboy world. Cowboys & Buckaroos serves as the modern-day definitive guide to help improve your own cowboy skills, preserve the time-honored tradition of the Cowboy Code and enhance your enjoyment of the ride.

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