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America's Horses

America's Horses
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Manufacturer: Globe Pequot
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From the early days of exploration to the present, horses have been a vital part of American life. Whether working in the field, charging into battle, galloping toward the homestretch, or bringing home that first blue ribbon, their history has been intertwined with ours. America's Horses is a rich, full-color salute to our equine partners, profiling the two dozen breeds that originated in the United States. Moira C. Harris, editor of Horse Illustrated magazine, honors not only the great horses that worked shoulder-to-shoulder with American pioneers, but also today's hottest breeds. The book highlights the sport horses, the working horses, the ponies, and the wild ones, giving a comprehensive history of each. Here are the stories behind some of the most famous breeds, including the American Quarter Horse, the most popular equine on the planet; the Appaloosa, a colorful symbol of the West; and the Morgan, which traces back to a single, versatile New England stallion. Here also are the rarer finds, such as the Bashkir Curly, named for its distinctive coat; the beautifully colored American Cream Draft Horse (the only draft breed to originate in the U.S.); and the Azteca, with its Spanish ancestry. Fascinating facts are included in each chapter, including breed characteristics, comparable breeds from outside the U.S., famous or notable horses within the breed, and celebrity riders. Additionally, the book provides full listings of breed associations and American equestrian organizations.

America's Horses gives a more thorough and informative look at U.S. horses than most breed books provide. Lushly illustrated with images by acclaimed equestrian photographer Bob Langrish, this is a book for every horse lover.

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