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Found Dogs

Found Dogs
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Price: $14.95
Product ID : 1-59228-615-1
Manufacturer: Globe Pequot
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Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned-at animal shelters, at racetracks, or on the side of the road. Many of these animals end their days without ever knowing a caring human touch, but some are fortunate enough to be found and given a second chance. And these dogs, often rescued from death's door, seem to have even more than the usual canine capacity for love and loyalty. Found Dogs is full of wonderful photos and words by people who have adopted dogs in myriad ways. Celebrities including Peter Mayle, Jamie Lee Curtis, Al Gore, and Bobby Short tell their stories alongside everyday heroes who have rescued dogs. From purebreds to scruffy mixed-breeds, these canines have become service dogs, protectors, and friends, offering solace, aid, companionship, and inspiration. Found Dogs is a moving tribute to the power of love between people and dogs-how that love has transformed dogs who were lost, and the people who were lucky enough to find them.

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