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Outwitting Dogs

Outwitting Dogs
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Price: $12.95
Product ID : 1-59228-243-1
Manufacturer: Globe Pequot
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Training dogs has traditionally been done by using negative reinforcement and brute force. Take the choke collar as an example. But the tide is turning, and Terry Ryan, world-renowned dog trainer, is at the forefront of a revolution. Outwitting Dogs draws on her twenty-five years of hands-on experience helping people understand dogs, train dogs, and solve dog behavior problems using kinder, gentler methods. Outwitting Dogs uses more brain than brawn to motivate dog behavior with positive training techniques and helps readers truly understand the minds of their canine friends (and even enemies). Not only will you learn how to outwit and housetrain puppies, but you'll also find techniques to cure: o the chronic chewer o the dog who won't come o the leash puller o the dog who barks too much o the dog who jumps on people o the biter o the dog who hates to be left alone o the aggressor You'll even learn how to outwit the neighbor's dog, teach your own dog tricks, outwit dog trainers, outwit dogs and kids at the same time, and much more. No sensible dog owner will want to be without a copy.

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